Tuesday 18 December 2012

15mm WIP Bavarian 2nd infantry Regt

Hi guys, for various reasons I have been in a bit of a hobby slump lately, and have been uming and aring about what to work on to get out of it, and have decided on painting my 15mm Bavarian collection, I have painted a few of these AB Bavarians before for my mate, and did a good job, but I want these ones for my collection to be the best I can do, these are about 60%-70% done, I have never done Non Metalic metals before, so was thinking of trying it on these, but to be honest I get a little nervous trying new techniques. These will be for the 2nd infantry Regt, with yellow lacing. I think the details on the faces are a little soft, I may need to do some more washes, to bring out the details,  these are all ABs except  one of the standard bearers, and the sapper, all comments welcome,

Tuesday 30 October 2012

15mm Bavarians in Greatcoat conversions finished

Hi guys, got caught up in real life over the last week, but have now finished this unit (almost, just need to paint the officers sash) they are pretty plain wearing their greatcoats, but I'm not aware of any other 15mm Bavarian's in greatcoats, so at least they are unique, I left the officer coat less so you can tell which unit it is, I painted this one as the 9th, heads are from AB Bavarians, bodies are AB Old Guard.

Saturday 20 October 2012

WIP 15mm Bavarians in greatcoats

Hi guys, the last unit in the mini project, a Bavarian battalion in greatcoats, using the left over parts from the Bavarian Grenadier Garde conversion, I removed the eppaulettes from the old guard bodies, and added Bavarian heads, certainly a unique unit, all comments welcome. 

Tuesday 16 October 2012

15mm Wurttemberg Garde Light infantry finished

Hi guys, the Wurttemberg Garde light infantry finished, I think my conversion work well, at 36 figures this was quite a labour intensive unit, but the results are worth it, now onto the Bavarians in greatcoats converted unit, all comments welcome.

Monday 8 October 2012

WIP German Armour, 2nd batch

Hi guys, it was hot here in Sydney towards the end of last week, so I took a break from painting some Napoleonics, and started building my next batch of kits, the first 3 of 10 vehicles, these will also be included in the missing-lynx Braille scale anti tank build, here are 2 Revell late Stug IIIGs, and an Italeri Hetzer, the grey tracks on the Revell kit are Attack parts, I used the original parts to spruce up an Attack Stug, the white wheels are a couple I cast up from resin to replace wheels I had used on another build, the Hetzer some more work on the mantlet, but is basically done. 

Wednesday 3 October 2012

WIP 15mm Wurtemberg Garde light infantry

Hi guys, the next unit in Scott's birthday gift will be Wurtemberg Garde light infantry, a fairly simple conversion, just add epaulettes, sounds simple, but 33 pairs later..., these guys will get their undercoat tonight.

Monday 1 October 2012

Bavarian Grenadier Gardes finished

 Hi guys, these are the Bavaria Grenadier Garde finished for Scott's birthday present, he wants to field them in battle so we decided to paint them in the red striped blue pants, instead of the white parade pants, officers being the dandies they are, probably would have wore parade uniform, so they got white pants, they are AB Bavarian line infantry with AB Old guard head swaps, the head swaps don't really stand out, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, I will be making one of these units for myself when I get around to painting my Bavarian army, let me know what you think.