Wednesday 25 September 2019

Norse BB Team ready for paint

Hi guys

My Norse team ready for painting (all except 1 wolfman, have decided to replace the 2 converted werewolves with bought ones) all comments welcome.

Sunday 22 September 2019

WIP Gebirgsjagers Part 2

Hi guys

My Gebirgsjager conversions for Coc are finished and ready for undercoating, all accept the pack mules, need to detail their load, I'm pretty happy with these guys, I've used figures from all over the shop, what do you think?

WIP 3 Norse Blood Bowl team

Hi guys

Finished the conversion of the Yeti, I'm not to sure about my werewolves, (they are not finished obviously) so found a reaper bones werewolf to check out, he is looking the goods, so now on the lookout for a second, but in a different pose, also got my grubby little hands on an Ogre for my human team.

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Part 2, WIP Norse Blood Bowl team

Hi Guys

I received my Yeti (reaper bones) in the mail today, will be doing some work on him shortly, added shoulder and elbow pads to the team, as well as knuckle dusters to the linesmen and berserkers, all I need to do now is add more to beards and hair, add horns to the beserker helmets, detail the werewolves faces, and work on the Yeti, then base and paint, if you see anything else I should do, let me know.
Also received some figs for an undead team as well (all Reaper bones) 

Sunday 15 September 2019

WIP Norse Blood Bowl team

Hi guys

Haven't played the miniature version of Blood bowl in nearly 20 years, my eldest daughters boyfriend  Kieran is keen to give it a go, and after having some successful family game nights of Zombicide I thought I could introduce the family to BB, so I am going to make a few teams, I'll be using my spare 28mm Fantasy figs to convert the teams, first of are a Norse team, I've used Warlord games plastic Vikings and Gauls for most of the players, and Nid legs with plastic beast men torsos for the werewolves, and I have a Reaper Bones Yeti on his way in the post, the other teams I will be doing.
I will be giving the werewolves a snout and fangs, and dog feet, all players will get shoulder pads, elbow pads, the berserkers will have horns on their helmets.
I wanted the berserkers to be different so gave them chainmail, but not sure if I should use the same legs as the other players or leave the skirt, what do you think?
1) Nurgle
2) Dark elves x 2, 1 for me and 1 for my youngest daughter
3) Dwarves
4) Chaos
5) Human
7) Maybe a Britonian
Kieran also has a Halfling team.