Thursday 27 February 2020

WIP 28mm Witch hunters part 2

Hi guys

An update on my Witch hunter warband for RPG/Skirmish style games, still some work to do on these guys, have enlargened the 3 older GW figures, adding about 5-6mm in height, they are nice figures but they are a lot shorter than modern figures, I cut the 2 robed figs below the knees, pined them and filled in the space with GS which I shaped to look like their robes, the palidan got a leg replacement with a set of Perry plastic knight legs, his original legs were very short, it was almost a perfect conversion, the end result looks natural and no GS was needed to fill gaps etc, I added a pre conversion pic at the bottom, will be workinhg on their bases tonight.

Sunday 16 February 2020

WIP 28mm Witch hunter warband

Hi guys

My WIP Witch hunter warband for various fantasy settings, need to buy 4 more dogs, and make some crossbow men, still have a fair bit of GS work to do, want to add some length to the back of the hoods, add weapons, pouches and packs, then do the bases, I'm going to do zenithal undercoating on these guys. The black figs are brush undercoated Reaper Bones, the grey figs are converted Victrix plastic Anglo-Danes, I also want to incorporate the 3 older figs, the 2 hooded figs are old GW clerics, I think the paladin maybe old reaper, they are all to short at the moment, will be stripping them and conversion to add 5mm of height.
The bases I'm using are a little larger than normal, they cost me $1 for a pack of 30 plastic poker chips, and I don't mind a little extra base to add detail to.

Wednesday 5 February 2020

WIP 1/72 Dwarves Part 2

Hi guys

These are not finished, still have a fair bit of painting to do.

Just doing a few WIP pics to show how they are coming along, these are the first 36 1/72nd Dwaves, heavily converted From the Dark Alliance set, as well as Strelets Anglo saxons, I have another 36 to go, as well as some Strelets English longbowmen I will be converting to Dwarven bows, will be doing some handgunners as well.