Tuesday 30 August 2022

6 Merc mechs finished

 Hi guys

Calling this batch done, the first “test” mech for 1 of my merc companies, the Dune Bar Hussars, all 3D printed, I’ve decided not to print anymore in this scale, and have bought nearly the complete line of catalyst mechs, saving the printing for my 15mm Mech project. 

Sunday 14 August 2022

15mm BT Raven, Jenner and Locust

 Hi guys

My 3D printer has sat quiet for about a year, I’ve done a lot of the printing I had wanted to do, and have piles of resin to paint, but I have always wanted to add nice “correct” mechs to my 15mm battletech project, so I powered her up, unfortunately I had stopped printing with a burnt out LCD, so my first print, a Raven failed, I’ll use that for a downed mech terrain piece, but my next 2 have turned out OK, a Jenner and locust.

So the plan is to do all my light mechs, then medium, heavy and assault, ultimately I’d like 1 of every type I can get an stl of, that will take years, so my first goal is to do the Jenner, Locust, raven, assassin, flea, Urbie, firestater, Panther, spider, commando and a Vulcan, then I’ll move to mediums, yes only inner sphere to start with. 

Pictured with 6mm mechs and some 15mm infantry for scale, I increased the file by %300, because most of my 15mm stuff is actually 18mm. 

I’ll be painting 3 groups, Kurita, Steiner and a merc company with individual paint schemes based on the MW5 hero mech schemes, when I get to clan mechs, jade falcon, if I can get 4 lights, mediums and heavies for each force I’d be pretty happy with that.