Sunday, 14 August 2022

15mm BT Raven, Jenner and Locust

 Hi guys

My 3D printer has sat quiet for about a year, I’ve done a lot of the printing I had wanted to do, and have piles of resin to paint, but I have always wanted to add nice “correct” mechs to my 15mm battletech project, so I powered her up, unfortunately I had stopped printing with a burnt out LCD, so my first print, a Raven failed, I’ll use that for a downed mech terrain piece, but my next 2 have turned out OK, a Jenner and locust.

So the plan is to do all my light mechs, then medium, heavy and assault, ultimately I’d like 1 of every type I can get an stl of, that will take years, so my first goal is to do the Jenner, Locust, raven, assassin, flea, Urbie, firestater, Panther, spider, commando and a Vulcan, then I’ll move to mediums, yes only inner sphere to start with. 

Pictured with 6mm mechs and some 15mm infantry for scale, I increased the file by %300, because most of my 15mm stuff is actually 18mm. 

I’ll be painting 3 groups, Kurita, Steiner and a merc company with individual paint schemes based on the MW5 hero mech schemes, when I get to clan mechs, jade falcon, if I can get 4 lights, mediums and heavies for each force I’d be pretty happy with that. 

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