Saturday 29 May 2021

28mm WWII US infantry

 Hi guys

28mm WWII G.Is finished on commission, a mix of manufacturers.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

WIP French 1897 75mm gun

 Hi guys

1/72 Laffly S15 TCC finished, added some detail to the breach and some Hat crew figures.

Next I was going to start on the printed 1897 75mm gun, but comparing it to the Hat offering I have decided to go with the later, the Hat model is soft plastic, but the gun shield is much better detailed, and you get the later wheels (enough for 2 guns) in the Hat artillery set, whilst the printed version has better details on things like the elevation and baring wheels, Ive made up the guns and will look to see if I need to add any extra details to them, I may take the elevation/baring wheels of the resin model and add them to the Hat one. 

Tuesday 18 May 2021

WIP 1/72 Laffly S15 TCC Part 5

 Hi guys

Finished with the Renault AGR, scribed the door frame, added a seam under the window, widow wipers, door handle, and stowage, and filled out the miss printed wheels, a bit rough, but its a wargaming model.

Started on the Laffly S15 TCC, added seam down the bonnet, radiator cap, and gun barrel, the gun shield was very short, so added some length to it, will be detailing the gun breech area and adding crew next.

Monday 17 May 2021

WIP 1/72 Renault AGR truck Part 4

 Hi guys

Next up on the mat is a 1/72 Renault AGR, this STL file printed out a little wonky, with some funny indents on the right hand door, there's no door detail, so I will engrave them in, add door handles, window wipers, rear view mirrors, stowage in the bed, and the grill is designed smooth, so adding a radiator grate, the miss shaped wheels are a print error, I'll be rounding them out with some putty.

I have finished the Laffly S45 with a folded down drivers cab tilt. 

Sunday 16 May 2021

WIP Laffly S45 recovery vehicle WIP part 3

 Hi guys 

Have started detailing the Laffly S45 recovery vehicle, I wanted to replace the thick bed walls, but whilst these models are pretty solid and sturdy, the resin is prone to shatter, and I'm worried I'll damage the truck if I try to cut them out, so I'm going to get creative with my painting to make them less noticeable, also there is a fault in the vehicle deign, the creator has made the bed floor 1 even shallow level, it should have a bench seat down either side and a foot well down the middle, so I have partitioned the foot well off with 2 plastic strips, cut a 44 gallon drum in half and positioned them in the foot well area to look like there is depth. I've also scratch built a crane, replaced the ugly windscreen with a folded down one, and added some crew, I considered doing some work on the spade at the back, but might leave it due to time, these are wargaming standard after all, not display.

The S15 got a new windscreen frame from the spares box, and the v15 got a fold down windscreen, the thick crappy windscreens are a weak point with these prints.

Saturday 15 May 2021

WIP 1/72 Laffly V15 Artillery tractor Part 2

 Hi guys 

Have done some more work to these 2, detailed the bed on the V15 (four wheeled one) fitted the crew, added steering columns to the drivers steering wheel, added pioneer tools to the rear, added a notek light, all I've got left to do is make a base for them, fill in some seems and sand, and add a tow bar, then onto a couple more of the vehicle from the set. 

Thursday 13 May 2021

Detailing my 3D printed Laffly S15 Arty tractor

 Hi guys

I have expanded my 1/72 early French force with a few tanks, and have gotten them all to a basic standard, and now I'll start detailing and adding stowage etc, starting with a Laffly S15 and V15 Artillery tractors, these are wargaming models not display models, so I am just getting them to a decent standard.

I have added some detail to the bonnet, a seem down the middle and a radiator cap, the detail in the back of the printed models crew compartment was very shallow and didn't match my example pic, also the rear of the vehicle looked to short, so I raised the whole thing by a couple of mm and re configured the bins, added a folded down roof and rolled canvas doors.

If it were a display model Id do something about the tyre tred, but I'll leave that, not sure if I should replace the window frame, I'll be adding a couple of tools to the rear panel, some stowage, then a couple of crew, and after painting I'll add clear windows, then onto the V15.