Thursday 16 December 2010

WIP Colonial Marine 1st Recon Battalion walkers

Hi guys, These are some very WIP pictures, just done the basic camo, will need to touch it up then start on the details and weathering, I converted the right arm with the hands to a flamer, they turned out pretty cool I feel, all comments welcome.

Monday 13 December 2010

15mm British 10th Hussars, AB, Scotts commission

Hi guys, the 10th Hussar are the last unit in a commission for a mate, will start painting my 15mm Sci-fi walkers tomorrow.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

15mm Sci Fi walkers

Hi guys, I have wanted to delve into 15mm Scifi for a while now, but had not seen a range of human figures that I liked until now, I saw some pictures of GZG's new 15mm sculpts and decided to get some, the package arrived on Monday and they are amazing, I have about 60 NAC, 60 new Israeli and 30 UNSC, these sculpts are up there with the best 15mm stuff out there, detail is nice, they are anatomically correct, and the poses are nice 9/10. I have decided to convert some plastic Nexus Steel Heroes titans into 15mm walkers to go with my NAC, the box comes with enough parts for 9 Mechs, 4 small 3 medium and 2 large, I will convert them all to my 15mm forces, one type to each faction, these are the 4 small Mechs, they are not bad for being so cheap, detail is a little soft but they are workable, I have cut these ones apart and re posed them, drilled out the gun barrels, added extra armour, and other detail.

Friday 5 November 2010

15mm British 15th Hussars, AB figures, commision for Scott

Hi guys, this is the British 15th Hussars 1813 using ABs excellent 15mm figures, another unit I have painted for my mate Scott, these figures are the usual AB quality, there was some flash on the swords making them a little broader then they should be but they get a 9/10 from me, the photos are a little dark, it is very overcast here today.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

ABs French light Cavalry casualties

Hi guys, these are ABs French light cavalry casualty figures, they're up to ABs usual high standards, excellent poses and great proportions, there are 8 riders and 8 horses, all the figures are Chesseurs, I painted these for my mate Scott, he is using them as disruption markers hence the various units, excellent figures 9/10

Monday 18 October 2010

Eureka 15mm RHA rocket troops

Hi guys, this is a unit of RHA rocket troops that I have finished for Scott of this is actually a mixture of AB and Eureka figures, however as these are the first Eureka figures I have painted I will talk more about these, the ABs are the usual excellent quality 9/10, the Eureka mix well with ABs size wise, the sculpting isn't quite as good as the ABs but still very good, were the Eureka figures may fall behind ABs is in accuracy, I am no expert on RHA uniforms and equipment, so I may be wrong here but from the research I did for painting these figure I have only found figures uniformed and equipped like ABs, one white sword belt either around the waist or across the body, Eureka's actually have 3 belts, none of which carry a sword, 1 has a cart case (not sure why) the other across the body has no purpose and the one around the waist holds a pistol in a holster, the pistol holster looks about the size of a modern equivalent, to be accurate I would imagine it should be longer, I have found no evidence that these figures should carry a pistol, the missing swords are found hanging on the horses that have been provided, the horses aren't to bad, but are very big compared to ABs. So Eureka loses a point for accuracy 7/10.
4 on the left are ABs, 4 on the right Eureka's




All Eureka's except the figure on the right.

2 Eurekas and an AB.

AB and 2 Eurekas.

Saturday 9 October 2010

Victrix 28mm Grenadiers and Voltigeurs finished

Hi guys, here are the finished Victrix 28mm Grenadiers and Voltigeurs, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, I have based the Voltigeurs separately so the can be used as skirmishers and in Sharps practice, I will be going back and doing the same with Sharpe and his men as well, now onto doing some 15 mm Eureka RHA for a mate, the rest of this battalion will be done after the RHA, all comments welcome.