Monday 25 January 2016

KG Danl Aufklarungs company part 4

Hi guys

This is the progress so far, figures need to be finished, the seated guy will get Autumn oakleaf vehicles need a matt coat then start the weathering, then on to the bases.

28mm Fallscirmjagers

Hi guys

Finished this batch of 28mm FJs on commission, customer wanted them to be suitable for any front, so added in some desert yellow helmets/pants, these are mostly Warlords plastic FJs, with 4 metals mixed in. I'm pretty impressed with this plastic set, they are very nice, however, I think they have used some parts from the Grenadiers set (the officers head) would have been nice if it was all new.

Sunday 24 January 2016

KG Danl Aufklarungs company part 3

Hi guys

A bit out of practice with the airbrush, so didn't get the camo as tight as I wanted, but I'm lazy, so it will have to do, did the command vehicle with a lighter tone to represent an earlier vehicle, its interior is Pz grey, so a much earlier survivor that's had a field repaint, hopefully the weathering will cover any mistakes in the spray job, all C&C welcome.

Saturday 23 January 2016

KG Danl Aufklarungs company part 2

Hi guys

I don't get a lot of personal hobby time, so this will be slow progress, I will concentrate on these 3 vehicles first, hoping to get the vehicle interiors base coated and figures under coated today, I have given the 2 outside figures a head tilt change and added some equipment to the man on the right, so they are all looking in the one direction.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

28mm Frostgrave figs

Hi guys

A batch of Frostgrave figures finished on commission, they are a mix of Frostgrave and Hasslefree, my favourite is the toad, lots of character, all comments welcome.