Monday 26 April 2021

Teddy bear fur terrain tiles Part 4

 Hi guys

More work on the teddy bear terrain tiles with 4 new tiles from a sandy coloured fur I received recently, I could have heavily painted them green to match the other tiles, but thought I would let the sand colour show to provide some difference, each square is 1 foot/30cm, the tank is a 1/72  Sherman for scale, I have been working on the scatter terrain, starting with some train tracks, need to paint the ballast on these, and get some bends to add to the set.

I also added a pic of my recent kit purchases, lots of Russian summer and winter infantry, and some vehicles for my Barbarossa/Stalingrad projects and a Panther D for Kursk, and some figures for my BEF project.

And lastly a pic of my current builds, I like to spray paint in batches, so will build double this amount then break out the airbrush. 

Monday 12 April 2021

Stalingrad Germans finished

 Hi guys

I was going to call these done, but I think I need to do some more work on the faces, but for all intense and purposes, they are done, will be doubling or tripling this infantry force, for now I'm moving on to my French Project for a bit. 

Most of these are AB's, with some TQD, CP, Battlefield and Italeri, I replaced all MG42s with MG34s.

Sunday 11 April 2021

WIP Teddy bear fur terrain tiles part 3

 Hi guys 

Have done some more work on my terrain tiles, (have laid it out without really trying to make a coherent map, just for these pics) painted the road dark brown, and gave them a very light dry brush, this makes them look muddy, not sure if I want this terrain to be lush and muddy, or dry and dusty if I choose dry and dusty I will need to add more yellow to the grass and heavily dry brush the roads, as this is a generic terrain for all genres (but I am working on my WWII Russian projects currently) should I keep it lush or go dry? I've also got a piece of sandy coloured fur coming, enough for another 6 tiles, which will need a heavy green painting to mix in with this terrain, with those 6 tiles I'll do 3 with single end to end roads, and 3 plain fields/crop fields.

My next job is to seal the river sections with masking tape, then cover with grit and paint, I will be filling these with clear resin, so the masking tape will stop the resin leaking out between the cork and foam. 

Wednesday 7 April 2021

WWII Multi Project WIP

Hi guys

I received 3 packs of S-model tanks for my French force today, so will resume prepping that force for painting.

I done some more painting on my Stalingrad German infantry, still a fair bit to do on them. 

Have added gravel to my roads on the teddy bear terrain, will paint them with a very dark brown with some white glue added to bind the gravel together a bit more, then dry brush mud brown.