Monday, 12 April 2021

Stalingrad Germans finished

 Hi guys

I was going to call these done, but I think I need to do some more work on the faces, but for all intense and purposes, they are done, will be doubling or tripling this infantry force, for now I'm moving on to my French Project for a bit. 

Most of these are AB's, with some TQD, CP, Battlefield and Italeri, I replaced all MG42s with MG34s.


  1. Well done. Some of my teachers and friends were Stalingrad veterans. Their firsthand stories were very impressive. I was a youngster then. Today, of course, none of these contemporary witnesses live anymore.

  2. German or Russian? There weren’t many German Stalingrad vets that survived, I suppose with wounded that left before the encirclement, or units rotated out, soldiers on leave, or those that were on the outside of the encirclement, maybe there were quite a few, but if I recall, of those that were encircled only around 5000 survived imprisonment. Your lucky to have been able to talk to them.