Sunday, 11 April 2021

WIP Teddy bear fur terrain tiles part 3

 Hi guys 

Have done some more work on my terrain tiles, (have laid it out without really trying to make a coherent map, just for these pics) painted the road dark brown, and gave them a very light dry brush, this makes them look muddy, not sure if I want this terrain to be lush and muddy, or dry and dusty if I choose dry and dusty I will need to add more yellow to the grass and heavily dry brush the roads, as this is a generic terrain for all genres (but I am working on my WWII Russian projects currently) should I keep it lush or go dry? I've also got a piece of sandy coloured fur coming, enough for another 6 tiles, which will need a heavy green painting to mix in with this terrain, with those 6 tiles I'll do 3 with single end to end roads, and 3 plain fields/crop fields.

My next job is to seal the river sections with masking tape, then cover with grit and paint, I will be filling these with clear resin, so the masking tape will stop the resin leaking out between the cork and foam. 


  1. Looks promising. My initial preference would be for dry, but everyone does dry, and the terrain around Kursk was pretty lush.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. Yeah, decided to do a seperate arid table.