Saturday, 3 April 2021

WIP Teddy bear terrain tiles

 Hi guys

Done some more work on my teddy bear terrain tiles, it will be a general purpose board for all eras and genres, designed to fit 15mm-28mm, have shaved the dirt roads out with clippers, reduced the tyre ruts down with a long necked bbq lighter, I'll glue sand into the tyre ruts and paint brown, the long brown/white stripe on the right will be a river, I plan on filling it with clear resin after detailing the river bed, and will be shaping the grass in differant areas, and colouring it various greens/yellows/browns, I need to make more tiles with a single end to end road, have done enough t/y/x intersection, and will do more farming and plain fields, as well as some scatter hills and other terrain, plan on train tracks, houses to suit Russian, Normandy and some fantasy/Medieval buildings and a bridge accross the river as well as some shallow river crossings. 


  1. Reminds me of the work I did on my own modular terrain sans Teddy Bear fur, which was a missed opportunity.

    Well done. Looking good.

  2. Where did you source your teddy bear fur? I have been planning to do some pieces for fields etc. but difficult to obtain.

    1. I got it from spotlight in Australia