Wednesday 23 December 2015

4th and 5th Wurttemberg infantry Regts 1813 uniforms

Hi Guys

I have decided that next year I will work on my photography skills, maybe make a light box and some scenery, so there should be an improvement on my usual pictures, but for now my usual crappy method once again, anyway here is Regts 4 and 5 finished on commission, these go with the last 2 Wurttemberg posts, 1st Regt and foot Artillery and 2nd and 3rd Regts all comments welcome.

Thursday 3 December 2015

20mm British Airborne force

Hi Guys

Just finished up this largish commission for a 20mm British Airborne force, figs are mostly FAA with some ABs, most of the jeep riders are AB, the FAA figs are nice (I have some of their Romanians) but they are a step behind the superb ABs, 4 of the jeeps are the new Airfix airborne jeeps, which I made up and added stowage to, the others are metal (not sure who makes them) the airfix jeeps are excellent, though they could have added more stowage in the set, as this was common on the real jeeps. I cut most of mine from old plastic Italeri British infantry and added some resin boxes.
The guns can be removed from their bases, all in all pretty happy with how this force turned out, all C&C welcome.