Friday 24 September 2010


Hi guys, here are my finished Coldstream guards, I wanted to start adding a sprinkling of mounted officers and thought this unit would be a good place to start, I didn't want to lessen the number of figures on the base to fit the officer and I think the result maybe too crowded, not sure.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Portuguese conversions from Victrix British

Hi guys, I have been busy over the last week converting a battalion of Portuguese infantry from the Victrix Waterloo British, it was a very straight forward but time consuming project, these guys are allies for Sharpes British.

Friday 3 September 2010

Richard Sharpe and his men finished.

Hi guys, Sharpe and his men are finished, I will probably add a few more figures to the unit later, the rest of the Peninsular British army will be based around the Sharpe books and series, all comments welcome.
Group shots.

Sharpe and Harper.

Cooper and Perkins.

Hagmen and Harris.

Norris and Bronson.