Wednesday, 7 June 2023

On the work bench

 Hi guys 

My current personal work bench, these are all still WIP, need to paint up more drivers and horses, add some stowage, then weathering and basing, my next CAD designs will be German horse drawn artillery limbers, files can be found at my shop, or painted and unpainted physical prints can be obtained from me, Dan, 

Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Hansa-Lloyd Sdkfz 11 Hungarian artillery tractor now available

 Hi guys 

The Hansa-Lloyd Sdkfz11 Hungarian artillery tractor is now available, what a journey this one has undergone, a couple of weeks ago my external hard drive died, the I.T. guy was unable to retrieve the data, and I thought my only copy of this vehicle was lost, and I was unsure if I had the energy to re build it, however whilst looking through Autodesk 360 (I hadn’t been using this software until now) I realised I had try to upload the Hansa-Lloyd previously, I hadn’t thought it had uploaded, but I found the file there, it was missing the drivers roof and rear tilt, so I re did those and it is ready to go. 

There are 3 options, 1) closed cab and rear tilt attached, 2) hollow cab and no rear tilt (cab roof and rear tilt seperate) 3) hollow cab and rear tilt attached

Files are here My shop email for physical prints 

Monday, 5 June 2023

German Hf.12 field kitchen now available

 Hi guys

The German WWII Hf.12 field kitchen is now available on my store, next up the Hansa-Lloyd Sdkfz11 Hungarian artillery tractor, long story short my external hard drive crashed and I thought the file was lost, however I found a file I had uploaded to Autodesk 360 and forgotten about, it was most of the vehicle, just need to re sculpt the drivers cab roof and cargo tilt. 

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