Tuesday 31 January 2012

15mm Splintered Light Mountain Giant finished

Hi guys, here's the Splintered Light Mountain Giant finished, I added the shields on the arm and thigh and the unfortunate halfling hanging from the belt, theres a couple of mold lines I didn't do enough work on, not a bad figure, and he is massive in 15mm, photos are a bit dark, its pretty overcast in Sydney today, now off to work on some 15mm Mordheim style war bands.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Mountain Giant fixed

Hi guys, have fixed the knee, added some shields, and a unfortunate Halfling.

Splintered light Mountain giant review

Hi guys, I have been procrastinating over the last few days about how I will tackle my 15mm Darth Vader, I want him to be a great figure, so it was a god send when my Splintered light package arrived to distract me, part of the package was a Mountain giant (number 2) (pictured with a Copplestone 15mm barbarian), this figure is awesome, he is 66mm to the top of the head, the detail is very nice (these pics don't do it justice) he will make a nice distraction from Vader for a while, the only fault is a flat spot on the left knee (see pic 5) this seems to be a casting flaw as the pic on SL website has detail here (I might just fill in the detail with green stuff, but I will email SL so they know there is an issue) I also ordered some halflings and armored Fauns (no casting issues here) this was a test order to see what SL products are like, and I will happily order through them again, so this will be the start of a new 15mm fantasy skirmish project, casting issue aside I will give this figure a 8/10 he loses a point because I would have liked to see more detail putting him into scale with 15mm e.g. shields used as armor plates, a deer or halfing hanging from his belt etc, he loses another point for his pose, his stance makes him look skinny from the front and gives him a little flatness (2Dness).

Tuesday 10 January 2012

15mm Stormtroopers conversions finished

Hi guys, the Stormtrooper platoon finished, 3, 8 man sections (support weapons to come) not sure if I will put grass on the bases or go for a desert look, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, might sculpt Darth Vader next.

Saturday 7 January 2012

15mm Stormtroopers undercoated

Hi guys, just a quick update, these are undercoated only, but the uniform white colour really makes the figures come together as stormtroopers, just waiting for the undercoat to dry and I will start painting.