Monday, 5 December 2022

WIP 1/72 German early war group

Hi guys

A friend was struggling to build his Ace Kfz 15, so I helped him out, which has now turned into me building a group of vehicles for him, 3 x Kfz 15s, a Kfz 2, a Kfz 17, and 2 Pz I Sig33Bs, getting a good trade for it though, I’ll also build some kits for myself to paint in the batch, these will be for France 1940, Ace kits need a bit of research and work, there was a bit of flash to be cleaned up and you need to be careful with the placement of some parts, the front axle comes to mind, if placed in the area designed for it the wheels will be slightly to far forward, moving the about a mil to the rear fixes the problem, but with work they can produce nice vehicles and they are the only 1/72 Kfz 15 available in plastic kit form, I’m actually quite fond of them. Also converting a couple of S-Model Pz Is into Pz I Sig33Bs, I tried 3D printing the upper fighting compartment, but only using the side walls, using a couple of S-Model Sig33s fir the guns. 

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Tutorial : German Sidecar MCs in greatcoats part 1

 Hi guys 

Here’s my attempt to give those who lack green stuff sculpting skills some ideas to do their own MC crews using parts of plastic figures. 

First you will need the required amount of Italeri MC bikes, in this case 7 combos, each pack has 2, so 4 packs. Then you’ll need the required number of greatcoated donors, in this case 21 crew, however I am using ABs seated greatcoat troops for all the sidecar passengers, you could also convert plastic figures for this, so I need 14 plastic greatcoated torso, I scrounged my plastic stash and found the required Russian and German figures, these came from Italeri winter Germans, Winter Russians, and Pegasus Russians in greatcoats, it doesn’t matter the nationality as long as they are in a double breasted greatcoat.

Next I cut the figures into parts, heads, torsos, and the riders legs, and equipment, I have left the arms in place where possible, to give me the most options, as I build the figures I can remove any excess arms, metal figures could also be used for converting these riders, however plastic is much easier to carve, I will keep the greatcoat lower bodies, you never know when you’ll need some greatcoated legs. 

The next stage is constructing the figures, I use a pin vice drill, paperclip wire and superglue to attach the parts, that’s it for part 1.  

Thursday, 1 December 2022

WIP 1/72 Steyr 1500 Ambulance part 1

 Hi guys

I’ve got a few 1/72 WWII projects going at the moment, so why not add another? I have a Special Armour Steyr 1500 Ambulance that I want to add to one of AB miniatures casualty sets, to make it work I want to model the back open, I didn’t have any reference pics for the rear of this vehicle, so asked around and a couple of guys from the Braille scale modelling forum came through for me, so here she is so far. My only decision now is does it go with my KG Danl or Luftwaffe Field Division projects? I’m leaning towards the LW. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

“I know nutting”

 Hi guys

I have very fond memories as a young child in the late 70s, staying over at my grandparents, they would let me watch my favourite TV show each night before bedtime, Hogans Hero’s, I haven’t watched the show since the 80s I’d think, but I remember Col Klink was always worried about being sent to the Easter front, and I have had a project buzzing around in the back of my mind for many years now of building a Luftwaffe field division army led by the hapless Col Klink and Sgt Schultz after 1 to many of Hogans hair brained schemes gets them in trouble and their fears are realised with a transfer to the Eastern front, but I had never found the right figures for the pare.

Recently I was perusing Simons Soldier for Germans to convert to WWII Hungarians, (great figures and service, no ties to Simons Soldier, just a very happy customer) I find the sculpting style to be very good for this particular conversion, and I can across Simons Volkssturm HQ pack, and spied a heavy set figure in a greatcoat, which would be a perfect start for a Sgt Schultz conversion, I’d need to give him a tunic and helmet, now to find a suitable Col Klink, a skinny officer, any ideas? I haven’t really checked my stash, but I will soon. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

WIP 1/72 Sd.Kfz 7/1, 250/9, 223, part 4

 Hi guys 

Did some more work on these 3 shelf queens, keep getting busy, but don’t want them to reclaim the shelf queen crown, the 7/1 just needs a little pastel chalk weathering and some flock on the base and I’ll call her done, the other 223 and 250/9 need bases, crew and some more weathering still.

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Another German MC platoon

 Hi guys

After completing my own bike combos platoon, I am now doing a set on commission. I received a few comments on how some people wish they could sculpt with green stuff to achieve the same troops, so I have decided to take a different route with this lot, to give inspiration/ideas to those that have limited green stuff skills, for this lot I’ll try and use as much detail of existing figures, I’ll still need to use some green stuff, but will try and keep it limited, I’m using the same Italeri bike set x 4, the sidecar seated infantry will be ABs German seated infantry in greatcoats (link below), I’ve done some minor surgery to get them to fit, next I’ll give them head swaps to helmets, the only GS I’ll use on these figs is the raincoat flap across the back shoulders, I’m going to rummage through my plastic figures for greatcoated torsos to convert the riders. The bottom pic is of my previous effort using green stuff.

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

German MC recon platoon finished

 Hi guys

These combos are finished, need to do the dismounts, HQ and support elements next, now doing another group on commission, will post pics of those as well.