Monday 5 December 2022

WIP 1/72 German early war group

Hi guys

A friend was struggling to build his Ace Kfz 15, so I helped him out, which has now turned into me building a group of vehicles for him, 3 x Kfz 15s, a Kfz 2, a Kfz 17, and 2 Pz I Sig33Bs, getting a good trade for it though, I’ll also build some kits for myself to paint in the batch, these will be for France 1940, Ace kits need a bit of research and work, there was a bit of flash to be cleaned up and you need to be careful with the placement of some parts, the front axle comes to mind, if placed in the area designed for it the wheels will be slightly to far forward, moving the about a mil to the rear fixes the problem, but with work they can produce nice vehicles and they are the only 1/72 Kfz 15 available in plastic kit form, I’m actually quite fond of them. Also converting a couple of S-Model Pz Is into Pz I Sig33Bs, I tried 3D printing the upper fighting compartment, but only using the side walls, using a couple of S-Model Sig33s fir the guns. 

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