Wednesday 28 December 2022

Early war German batch part 1

 Hi guys

Spray painted my latest batch of vehicles, it’s a mix of 2 friends and my own vehicles, the MC combos, all the crewed cars on the left, and the 2 converted Pz I Sig33B (with seperate guns) are all for my friends, the  empty Sdkfz 15 will go to my MC recon unit as a HQ element (with the unpainted crew mounted on the painting stick) the ambo will go to my Luftwaffe field division, the 3D printed Pz I Sig33Bs and JagdPz I will go to my French/Barbarossa projects. 

One of the 3D printed SPs is a failed print, painting it up as an exploded vehicle, good use for failed prints, don’t throw anything out. 

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