Sunday 26 January 2020

Start of my 1/72 Orc Horde

Hi guys

Really getting into my 1/72 Fantasy project, started on my Orc horde, it will be a big 1, for the infantry I have 2 Dark Alliance box's of Orc, 2 of goblins, 1 half Orc, and 1 Caesar Orc box, whilst they are all pretty good figures I've decided to heavily convert most of them, this is my first batch, still need to add armour, helmets, shields, hair etc with green stuff, and need to shape the spear heads with my dremel.

Sunday 5 January 2020

1/72 WIP Dwarves

Hi guys

Happy NY, first post of 2020, I want to get some progress done on my 1/72nd fantasy project this year, they will be for use in both generic and middle earth settings, have been working on my Dwarves over the last couple of days, these are mostly Dark Alliance Dwarves with some converted Strelets Saxons, I will be converting more Saxons to Rohirum warriors at a later date, Elves and Orcs are also on the cards as well as a few other none middle earth forces and characters.