Sunday 26 October 2014

WIP 15mm NEO Soviets

Hi guys, an update with my 15mm near future Russians, these are still very WIP, they are converted Khurasan minis, wanted to show what colour scheme I chose, went for a bit of a motley "veterans with mixed gear" look, let me know what you think, lots of pics due to not knowing whether to use the flash or not.

2nd batch of WOTR foot knights finished

Hi guys, the second lot of foot knights finished for my WOTR commission, onto some cavalry now.

Saturday 4 October 2014

War of the Roses commission foot Knights

Hi guys

After procrastinating on my hobby I decided to do a War of the Roses commission to get some creative motivation going, here are the first 11 Perry plastic foot knights basically done (just some clean up of errors I have noticed in the pics to go) I love these Perry plastics, going to have to get some for myself to start my Game of Thrones SAGA project.