Tuesday 30 August 2011

WIP Colonist vehicle 1

Hi guys, well its time for the snow plow to get a spacey face lift, when I'm finished it will look at home on LV-426, the original had ugly thick rubber tracks, I did consider trying to to shape them into track sag, but thought I would be wasting my time, so decided to replace them with some spare plastic kit tracks, the most difficult part was I had to re position the 3 road wheels, if left they would have been to high and left a gap of about about a millimeter between the road wheel and the bottom run.

Saturday 27 August 2011

WIP 42nd Black Watch in campaign dress.

Hi guys, the 42nd Black Watch ready to be undercoated, the 79th was in firing line, these ones are advancing.

Votes for 15mm scifi vehicle swap needed

Hi guys, the TMP 15mm board is organizing its second mini swap, this time it will be a vehicle swap with a couple of crew, this has me looking at some 15mm scifi vehicles that I have on the work bench, I plan to do all of these at some stage, however have decided to do one now for the swap, I see merit in all these models and think I can do a good job of creating something unique and interesting out of each, so I would like a little help in deciding which to do.

So here is the question, (ignoring the value of the donor kit, all these kits will be pimped up and painted appropriately) which one of these vehicle would you rather receive in a swap? which would suit your collection more? to keep it a surprise for the recipient the end model will be randomly (dice roll) chosen from the top 3 voted vehicles.

1) Mech (weapons and armour will be added)
2) Hover Police car (wheels will be removed, siren added)
3) Hover scout speeder, stowage and weapons added)
4) multi tracked Civi exploration vehicle (not sure how I will pimp this up)
5) tracked civi exploration vehicle (there is one of these in my local, I have eyed it off a few times thinking of the potential in sci fi, if it gets enough votes I will buy it and do it up)
6) dropship (wings, engines, landing gear and weapons will be added)
7) buy a commercially available 15mm scifi model you cheap bastard.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

79th Cameron Highlanders

Hi guys, the 79th Cameron Highlanders, nearly finished, just need to add the yellow stripes to the last couple of kilts, and paint the tasseled cord on the flag pole (anyone know what colour it should be? gold?) this is a commission for Scott (AKA trailape) which I will send to him when he returns from Afghanistan, I have one more regt to do for him, the 42nd, and have just started converting and building those figs now. The light wasn't great so I ended up using the flash, so the colours are a tad brighter then in person.

Monday 22 August 2011

TMP 15mm scifi mini exchange

Hi guys, my exchange figures from the TMP 15mm Scifi mini exchange arrived today (thank you Jeremy AKA Loco smoko), they are Rebel minis Gun clerics, this is good for my collection, as I don't have any Rebel minis, they are painted to a good standard, the 15mm scifi board is already talking about having another swap, this time it looks like it will be a vehicle swap, I'm tossing up between a converted dropship or making a walker/mech, I have some promising Mechs on order but they are on back order so I don't know if they will arrive on time.

Saturday 20 August 2011

Colonial Marine dropship concept

Hi guys, talk on the TMP 15mm board of another mini swap (maybe vehicles this time) has me looking at a stalled dropship conversion project I was doing for my colonial marines, if the next mini exchange ends up as a vehicle swap I may complete this for it, I intent to eventually complete it anyway, it will have wings and landing gear, maybe some external rocket engines for VTOL capabilities (I have some rocket engines from the Indiana Jones rocket sleds) I want to add some sort of tail wings, not sure how I will do that yet, the pilots cabin will end up armoured and enclosed, some weapons will be added, the donor kit was a Russian Heli.

Friday 19 August 2011

Completed 15mm Berserker/Terminator army

Hi guys, this is my Berserker/Terminator force finished, last to be added was the man sized infantry bots from the Scene, these guys are ready to start destroying all natural life in the universe, mwahahaha