Saturday, 27 August 2011

Votes for 15mm scifi vehicle swap needed

Hi guys, the TMP 15mm board is organizing its second mini swap, this time it will be a vehicle swap with a couple of crew, this has me looking at some 15mm scifi vehicles that I have on the work bench, I plan to do all of these at some stage, however have decided to do one now for the swap, I see merit in all these models and think I can do a good job of creating something unique and interesting out of each, so I would like a little help in deciding which to do.

So here is the question, (ignoring the value of the donor kit, all these kits will be pimped up and painted appropriately) which one of these vehicle would you rather receive in a swap? which would suit your collection more? to keep it a surprise for the recipient the end model will be randomly (dice roll) chosen from the top 3 voted vehicles.

1) Mech (weapons and armour will be added)
2) Hover Police car (wheels will be removed, siren added)
3) Hover scout speeder, stowage and weapons added)
4) multi tracked Civi exploration vehicle (not sure how I will pimp this up)
5) tracked civi exploration vehicle (there is one of these in my local, I have eyed it off a few times thinking of the potential in sci fi, if it gets enough votes I will buy it and do it up)
6) dropship (wings, engines, landing gear and weapons will be added)
7) buy a commercially available 15mm scifi model you cheap bastard.


  1. Honestly any of them... I haven't signed up yet, but I am planing too. And I ham looking through my collection/works in progress to see which one I want to finish for some one else.