Tuesday 18 December 2012

15mm WIP Bavarian 2nd infantry Regt

Hi guys, for various reasons I have been in a bit of a hobby slump lately, and have been uming and aring about what to work on to get out of it, and have decided on painting my 15mm Bavarian collection, I have painted a few of these AB Bavarians before for my mate, and did a good job, but I want these ones for my collection to be the best I can do, these are about 60%-70% done, I have never done Non Metalic metals before, so was thinking of trying it on these, but to be honest I get a little nervous trying new techniques. These will be for the 2nd infantry Regt, with yellow lacing. I think the details on the faces are a little soft, I may need to do some more washes, to bring out the details,  these are all ABs except  one of the standard bearers, and the sapper, all comments welcome,