Tuesday 31 August 2010

AB 15mm British regiment yellow facings

Hi guys, this is my latest 15mm Peninsular British Regiment, I will use it for any yellow facing regiment I need.

Thursday 26 August 2010

AB 15mm British regiment Green facings

Hi guys, finished another 15mm Peninsular British regiment, now that I know the down loadable flags look right I am painting up the ensigns for my other regiments

Victrix French line battalion

Hi guys, some enemy for Sharpe and his men, these are Victrix plastics with some Perry heads, both the French and British will have a strong campaign look. I have converted a sapeur for this Battalion, not really happy with him, he looks like a Napoleonic dwarf, but I will due a few of these so hopefully they will get better, I love these Napoleonic plastics, some much scope for conversions.

Friday 20 August 2010

Downloadable Napoleonic flag review

Hi Guys, This is a review of the downloadable Napoleonic flags from www.warflag.com, I can be a bit of a cheap skate at times and would rather spend money on figures then flags so I tried these flags out and downloadable flags are perfect for me.
Warflag has a good range of historical flags, I will only concentrate on the Napoleonic ones here, Warflag actually has 2 sets of Napoleonic flags at its site, its own created by Ian Croxall and Napflags created by Alan Pendlebury, they both need to be reduced in size for 15mm before printing, both have a good range of nationalities and units, the site has given permission to download the flags for personal use only.
This site is excellent, the Warflag flags are more detailed and artistic then the Napflag version and would be better for 28mm armies, however I think this is a draw back for 15mm. The plainer Napflags reduce better to 15mm, they were fairly easy to reduce and print, there are instructions for this at the site.
It is possible to print these flags and use them as they are however I felt there was a little bit of blurring of colours and some detail was lost in the reduction, so I used mine as templates and re painted the colours and details, I am very happy with the results, I highly recommend the site for your historical war gamming flag needs. A note about the printer, to be honest these were printed out by my wife at her work, on a pretty good colour printer, but I don't know the brand, obviously the quality of the final product will depend on the printer used.
These are 2 Napflag flags on my British Regt.

Warflags: a mixture of nations

Warflag: French 1804 pattern, these are nice.

Warflag: French 1812 pattern, again very nice.

This has both Warflag and Napflag British, top left Napflag, top/bottom right Warflag, the Napflags are less blurred and crisper at 15mm but at 28mm Warflags look great. the Italians are Warflag.

These are Warflag, all the extra colour variation makes them look messy at 15mm.

These are Naplags Bavarians, some funny things happed with the Bavarian flags in the reduction/printing process, resulting in the darker lines, not sure what happened, it may have been the printer or the reduction, it maybe easier to buy Bavarian flags then to fix these, I will try to repaint them first though. the flags on the right with the larger lozenge aren't to bad, the smaller lozenges on the left though don't look very good, Warflags do not have a version of Bavarians.

Same flags.

These are Napflag British flags and they are pretty good.

A closer picture.

Saturday 14 August 2010

WIP Sharpe and the boys

Hi guys, I have made some progress on Sharpe and his comrades, they are about 80% painted, let me know what you think.

Richard Sharpe, I'm happy with him so far, in hind sight I should have given him at least a pistol, but more accurately a rifle, I thought it would crowd him to much, but not sure now, maybe I will make another one in a more combat oriented pose.

Patrick Harper, not entirely happy with his face, will have to do more work on it, I think the 6 barrel musket maybe too long but I'm not messing with it now.

Harris, this is the first time I have tried to paint red hair, it looks too orange, but I'm not sure if I should fix it, what do you think?

Daniel Hagman, I should have done his hair a Lot longer, otherwise I'm happy with this figure.

Fancis Cooper, I like this figure.

Ben Perkins.

Charles Bronson Mo, he's as tough as he looks.

Chuck Norris Mo, tougher then Charles Bronson.

Friday 6 August 2010

5th Wurttemberg infantry Regt AB 15mm Scott's commission

Hi guys, this is the 5th Wurttemberg infantry Regt, the last unit for Scott's commission, these have been delivered to Scott and he will be posting picts on his blog once he has based them.