Saturday 25 February 2023

WIP 1/72 French Char B1s

 Hi guys 

Did some work on these Char B1s today, they are mostly mine, the 2 on the far back right are 3D printed and are for a customer, the rest are mine, the 2 at the back left are trumpeter, the front right is Matchbox, and front left is a diecast pre built/painted, I have just given that one a pin wash, it’s a vehicle of the 15th Char Battalion, 3rd company, so doing all the other Chars from the same unit, I’m using this very useful site for info

Friday 24 February 2023

20mm WWII commission finished

 Hi guys 

Finished these on commission (all except the 2 Hungarian Pak 36s and Styre 1500 command car, which are mine) there’s Monty’s Caravan (Leyland Retriever) and Daimler Dingo scout car, and the Monty vignette all matchbox, the Sdkfz 231 and 263s are PSC, 3x bikes/sidecars are Zvezda, not sure who makes the resin Pz I and 2, or the heavy gun (metal), the Pak crew and French infantry are all Simons Soldiers. 

Next in my personal projects, finishing my Hungarian vehicles, they need basing and crews added. 

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Base coating some WWII French vehicles.

 Hi guys

Got a big batch base coated today, it was a cooler day here in Queensland, not all of it mine, the desert yellow, and all of the Panzer grey (except the Styre), all of the infantry and some of the French vehicles are on commission, it’s all far from done, but at least the ball is rolling on some of these French vehicles. But now the number of base coated vehicles is starting to build, not enough hours in the day.