Tuesday 17 March 2015

Now taking commissions (Gunners painting services)

Hi guys

I can be contacted at dan.dunbar@hotmail.com

For a long time I have only done commissions for friends, I have now decided to extend that to all, I do all scales and genres/eras.

Price will depend on scale, subject, whether I am doing any conversions/sculpting, whether I need to assemble figs/vehicles,  and the size of the project, as a general guide,  for a straight uncomplicated  paint job with no assembly.

Prices are Australian Dollars
15mm - foot $4.50  mounted $9
20mm - foot $5.50 mounted $ 11
28mm - foot $9 mounted $ 18
32mm - (heroic 28mm GW etc) foot $10, mounted $20
Monsters - quoted individually when seeing model.
Vehicles /guns- will quote when I know subject/scale and how much assembly is required.
Flags/standards - quote when I know scale/subject.

Add $1/28mm or 50c/15mm each for complicated paint jobs e.g. Tartan, heraldry,  (I don't count camo as complicated) or small conversions, or basing, $3 for assembly of a foot , $3 for mounted e.g. Perry/Victrixs plastics ,so a 28mm foot knight that has heraldry and required converting or assembly and I did the basing would cost $12.50
You pay all postage, I am located in QLD Australia.

I really only paint to 1 standard (examples below) I would say it's somewhere between tabletop and display, let's call it good quality tabletop standard.

1/72 WWII

28mm WWII

15mm Napoleonic

 15mm head swaps (Bavarian Grenadiers)

 15mm Sci Fi Conversion

 15mm Sci Fi Walker
 28mm Napoleonics 

28mm Napoleonic Sharp conversions
28mm Sharp



  1. I'm new to the blog i just could not resist the chance of possibly winning such a cool prize for your commission service, :) Zac

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  3. Mate, if you ever want a testimonial for the quality of your work, I would be happy to provide one. The stuff you did for me was excellent :-)

  4. I've had a lot of work done by Gunner Dunbar.
    His work is by far the best I've ever had done and I've used figure painting services from all over the world.
    I can't recommend him high enough as a painter and converter of miniatures.
    I would class his work as SHOWCASE

  5. Hi Dan, I could be interested in getting some WWII figures painted. I am just not sure about shipping charges from Australia to the US. How do I contact you directly?


  6. It looks like you've got yourself a real niche area here. I think I've understood your site correctly in saying that you paint models, as opposed to doing paintings and drawings of models? I don't know anyone who collects models like these but I can appreciate good art when I see it and you've certainly got a talent.

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters