Sunday 21 December 2014

The last of the mounted WoTR knights finished

Hi guys, this mini project is finished, the figures look better in person, the colours are washed out due to the flash, all comments welcome.

Monday 1 December 2014

WIP 15mm Adeptus Arbites riot cops

Hi guys, a first look at some figures for my next 15mm 40K army, some riot police for an Adeptus Arbites force, when finished it will have about 80 figs and some support vehicles, this force will get an Urban theme, they can be allies to any of my other Imperial forces, thinking of doing them either red/white and dark blue, or judge Dredd colours blue/green/yellow, all C&C welcome

War of the Roses Cavalry part 2

Hi guys, the next batch of heavy Cavalry in the War of the Roses project a Green/White knight and a yellow knight and their men at arms. All C&C welcome.