Tuesday 27 August 2019

15mm Napoleonic Prussians

Hi guys

Some 15mm Napoleonic Prussians finished on commission, a mix of AB for grenadiers, and Old glory Landwehr, 2 of my favourite 15mm Napoleonic manufacturers, both make lovely figures, AB are the cream of the crop, but Old Glory have a certain charm.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Scratch built 15mm Urbanmech

Hi guys

My first 15mm fully scratch built mech, its still a work in progress, made my first an urbanmech, because of the simple design, and I'm testing a new medium, (intend to make 8-10), 15mm figure for scale, I usually use kneadatite, procreate or miliput for sculpting, but have been eyeing off polymer clay for a long time, finally thought I would give it a go for this project, its about half the cost of miliput and a fifth of kneadatite, this sculpt cost me $3 Australian to complete.
Polymer clay has some interesting properties, you can pick it up and handle it without leaving finger prints or distorting the shape, and you can take your time sculpting as it stays soft until cured in an oven.
Its not perfect, but I have limited funds at the moment, I'm hoping to get a resin 3D printer for Christmas.

Monday 19 August 2019

WIP Mech 3, part 1

Hi guys

I weas going to make this a heavy Mech, but its a lot more solid than I thought, so it maybe another assault Mech, as you can see from the comparison shot, its even bigger than my last Mech, this one came with a head to be mounted in the middle of the chest and a turret located were I now have the head, I'm almost happy with it as it is now, may just add a little armour, weapons and some little details, what do you think?

Sunday 18 August 2019

WIP Mech 2, part 3

Hi guys

More work done on this assault mech, sorry about the pics, detail is hard to see with white and a flash, added reactive armour, missiles to the chest, a waist missile pod, hip armour, working on a waist gun, and beefed up the hands, pretty happy so far, anything you can see that needs adding?

Saturday 17 August 2019

WIP Mech 2, part 2

Hi guys

I bit of work done on the conversions, I've added a before pic to show what has been done, have decided to give him 2 fists and do a waist mounted gun like the Atlas, I'll be adding more rockets to the chest area, and another set of twin guns on the left forearm, as well as beefing out the fists and adding more details here and there, what do you think so far?

Friday 16 August 2019

2nd Mech WIP

Hi guys

My 2nd 15mm Mech WIP, I don't like the design of this Mech, so will be heavily converting it, it will become an Atlas like assault Mech, its an impressive 110mm, these are the changes I will make
1) Cut down the horn like shapes on the shoulder to the same height as the head and make them into missile pods.
2) get rid of the turret in the body, and fill in the space.
3) move the head forward to the centre of the body.
4) drop the shoulder balls to level with or lower than the head.
5) shorten the arms to avoid a gorilla knuckle dragging look.
6) Not sure here, either have 2 fists and a waist or chest mounted gun, or replace 1 of the fists with a gun, what do you think?
7) add dust covers to all the joints
8) add knee armour and various details.

I wont be painting them until I have at least a lance worth. 

Monday 12 August 2019

WIP Mech 1, part 3

Hi guys

The build stage is almost done, just need to attach the missile pod, any areas to improve before I start the painting process?

Sunday 11 August 2019

WIP Mech 1, Part 2

Hi guys

An update, some parts are bluetaced on, need to detail the gun mag, fill the waste out, mount the missile pod, I want to do some detail around the chest area, add knee armour, maybe groin armour, and thinking of some hanging plate armour around the waste, can anyone think of anything else I should change or add? all feedback appreciated.

Saturday 10 August 2019

WIP Mech 1

Hi guys

Started on my first Mech, going to try and make a medium mech out of these 2 small ones, they are both about 50mm tall, the final height is 73mm still need to do a lot of work on this, the gun arm will get a large mag on the back of the elbow counterweighting the barrels, not sure the gun is right for this sized mech, should I mount something smaller? I will add some armour and detail to the legs, the back of the mech will have a bit of detail added so its not so flat, going to add 1 or 2 missile pods to either the shoulders or chest.
Should I persist with this design? any thoughts on improving it.