Tuesday 29 April 2014

Start of a 15mm Space Orc army

Hi guys, apologies to the dedicated Braille scale modellers out there, what I am going to do to these kits may make you cry, I just received my order of GZG Alien Mercs and am awaiting an order of Khurasan Brunt herd and wasteland mutants to fill out the ranks of a 15mm Space Orc army, I have been scrounging through my huge 1/72 model kit stash for likely models to convert for this army, and picked these 3 trucks out to make some gun trucks, I will be doing armour, Walkers, and air attack as well.

Saturday 26 April 2014

WIP Neo Soviet infantry

Hi guys, here are my WIP Neo Soviet near future infantry, they are Khurasans Neo Respublik figs, the originals are nice, but they are very uniform in appearance, I wanted a bit of a motley look to my Russians, so I have added some armour and equipment to them, they will be painted in a mix of uniforms, and done a lot of head swaps I used WWII German caps and helmets, and re shaped the helmets a little, so they are more modern.
I was sold on painting them a range of browns and Khakis, but looking at pics of the troops in the Ukraine I am now not sure, all C&C welcome.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Colour scheme for my Neo Soviets

Hi guys, been looking at some of the near future human forces available, and day dreaming about which army I would like to collect next in that genre, narrowed it down to Khurasans Gota clan, Clear Horizons Hell Divers, Ozzy Ozmy NVL, or GZG RANG, more thinking to do, however whilst my creative idea's are flowing in that genre, I may as well get some work done on an already collected Neo Soviet army, so I have been thinking about the paint scheme, and have decided to go with the Russian Para uniform from COD MW2, a mix of Khakis, black, dark brown and red brown, I want them to have a bit of a mixed equipment feel, like they have had a few different uniform issues and moved to a few different battle ground, high volume lowish tech type troops with a veteran campaign look, thoughts?

Saturday 19 April 2014

WIP 15mm Warhound Titan

Hi guys

As I wait for my Tau Mech and crisis suits undercoat to dry (hence the paint splatter on my thumb) I am starting on one of my Imperial Titans, this one will be a Warhound, the original kit is a Marrok Battlesuit by CMG, the kit is way to small for a Warhound, so I am making it 14-15mm taller by adding an extension at the waist, extending the thigh, and building up the feet, I am bulking out the head so a pilot would realistically be able to fit, (although it should really be able to fit 2 pilots) and bulking out and widening the body, thoughts?

Friday 18 April 2014

15mm Tau infantry done

Hi guys, these are nearly done, just a highlight on the orange to go, what do you think?

Saturday 12 April 2014

15mm Tau colour scheme

Hi guys, just an update on the colour scheme for my 15mm Tau, these are obviously not finished, but the basic colour scheme is there, thought?

Friday 11 April 2014

My first game of Zombicide and a review

Hi guys,
Well, now that I have finished Scott's figs, we thought we would put them to the test, we played a simple introductory game, I liked it, very simple, there is an Ipad app that makes it even easier, and the best thing is it can be single player, even though I liked it, I am mainly a 15mm fig collector, so I am thinking of re producing the terrain boards and figs in 15mm, the game was fun, in the end we found all the supplies we were looking for, unfortunately Dog the Zombie Hunter sacrifice himself so the group could get away, but was mercifully finished off with the obligatory shot to the brain pan.
The terrain is a great idea, the boards are double sided, and you get more boards/figures and different types of zombies with expansion packs, I believe there are 2 already.
The rules are simple, fun and fast, even faster with the IPad app.
The figure are great, I am really impress with their detail.
All in a great product, and the figure alone are worth the price.

The 6 survivors emerge from the building to start their supply run 

the first walkers are attracted by the commotion 

Shane hold the horde off while roller girl dashes into the building

Punky tries to keep the escape route open

Shane is getting cornered, 

Punky, Wests and the Mormon clear the building near the escape route

Watch out The Mormon!!! you never know where walkers may be found

Shane tries to back away from the horde, but is chased by a fombie

Dog is brought down by a horde, the Mormon gives him a mercy shot.

the gathering horde spills through the streets in search of prey, but the group has escaped. 

28mm Zombicide figs finished

Hi guys, the next batch are all Zombicide figs, single piece softish plastic, I have not converted them at all,
Dog the Zombie Hunter - the first figure looked a little like Dog the bounty hunter, so I painted him up as him, all these figures are painted for my mate, and he is a St George Dragons fan (Aussie Rugby league club)
so I put him in their colours, red/white.
Wests Tigers - my team however are the Wests Tigers, so I painted this in their colours, Orange/white/black.
Shane - The cop could pass a Shane from the walking dead before he shaved his head, so I painted him in the Khaki uniform.
The Mormon Zombie killer - my mates a Mormon, so the fig with the twin ozzies can be a Mormon door knocker.
And lastly a group shot.