Monday 24 October 2011

WIP 15mm Crusty Mechs

Hi guys, here are a couple of EM4 mechs I am converting for my Crusty army, I am really not sure about these, I like the legs body and head, but the arms aren't fitting, maybe once painted it will come together, what do you think? any suggestions/additions?

Sunday 23 October 2011

WIP 15mm Crusties

Hi guys, the next 15mm scifi project will be Crusties, I have 2 of the large EM4 walkers that I will convert for crusty use, 4 small GZG crusty walkers 12 power armor and about 40 crusty infantry, I'm thinking of doing these in orange armor with white markings and brown crusty skin. Have to find suitable arms in the bits box for the EM4 mechs.

Friday 21 October 2011

Felid peace keepers finished

Hi Guys, here are 4, 8 Felid mini Prides plus the Pride baron, finished for my mixed race united species peace keeping company, added some extra packs, pouches and caps here and there from green stuff, these Felid figures are just brilliant, excellent detail and good poses, they get a 9/10 from me, the are 15mm and available from Khurasan, check here for backstory to this force, I will be adding some vehicles, walkers and other species to the force, sorry, the pics are a little washed out due to the bright sunlight today, my favorite figure of this force is the support gunner with the red bandanna, the mini Pride leaders and Pride Baron wear their personal livery, the force wears the blue of the United Species Command, all comments welcome.

Thursday 20 October 2011

WIP Felid peace keepers and background fluff

Hi guys, here are my WIP Felids, they are about 60% done, the blue will end up 1 or 2 shades lighter.
When I originally bought the Felids I planned on making them a terrifying race (ever watched Lions hunt on National Geographic?) lacking the human emotions of pity, empathy or mercy, they were going to be slaves to their primeval instinct of the hunt and feeding, evolving their technology to those purposes, and becoming mortal enemies of all other races, however I have decided to use that background on my Harook (when I get them) and have gone the total polar opposite with the Felids.
My Felids are a proud race, who realize that their primeval instincts are a barrier to their acceptance into the galactic community, and as such they have developed strict rules of behavior for their population, with harsh penalties for transgressions, the average Felid is in a constant battle with their dark side to behave correctly in mixed species company, Felids love to drink, alcohol, short tempers and dark sides don't mix and they don't always win these internal battles, this has caused many individuals to leave their society and seek employment/adventure amongst mercenary groups, outlaw gangs, adventurers, or joining together in groups, living outside the laws of their society, causing terror amongst the rim worlds. .
In an attempt to gain acceptance the Felid government has dedicated many military assets to united species peace keeping forces, this force is one such unit, I am painting them in UN blue (not sure what I will call this organization, the United Species? United Races?), the average trooper would normally were dark grey armor, only leaders are are aloud to wear their livery.
In battle the Felids true nature appears, they are masters of tactics, their favorite tactic is the ambush, and it features heavily in their battle plans, often using a hammer and anvil approach, driving their enemies into deadly fields of fire.
The Felid government has found enforcing the rules of conduct in battle almost impossible, and victories often end in ferocious feasts, in which prisoners a rarely taken, the government is forced to turn a blind eye to this behavior in battle, giving the Felids a reputation as much feared enemies and allies, nobody wants to mess with the Felids, as these battles inevitably always turn to a struggle for survival, except of course those equally ferocious races, like the Harook, who love the taste of Felid meat.

Friday 14 October 2011

100000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, 100000 hits, never thought I would get that many, thanks to all my followers and occasional visitors, hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating it.


First SAGA unit finished

Hi guys, this unit is almost done, shields are only blu tacked on, just a couple small details to paint.