Monday 30 January 2017

28mm French Voltigeurs and 95th Rifles

Hi guys

Some Voltigeurs (Front Rank) and Rifles (Brigade games) finished on commission (along with some others I will show in a separate post) the 2 sculpts are at opposite ends of the chunky scale, Front rank being very chunky, and Brigade games quite skinny, although both sets are nicely sculpted and worthy of praise, I lean towards the skinnier Paul Hicks Rifle sculpts, all comments welcome.

Sunday 22 January 2017

1/72 chaos champion wip.

Hi guys

I've nearly finished my chaos champion, he was originally the standard bearer from the dark alliance half orc set, I cut him in half and added 2mm to his height, I'm thinking of removing his hair and making him a baldy, I swapped out the standard for a head, and changed his orc sword to an axe, not the best pic, but what do you think? should I make any changes?

Wednesday 18 January 2017

1/72nd Chaos warriors WIP

Hi guys

So after finishing the conversion work on my fantasy Greek Hoplites (shield decals arrived today, so will be painting them soon) I decided to work on some chaos warrior conversions, I wanted a group of at least 10 heavily armoured warriors (I will also do lighter chaos marauders) so here are 10 warriors and a standard bearer, will now work on a champion, want to make him a little larger than the rest, these aren't quite finished, want to swap out some of the weapons, and clean up some area, they're not perfect, but they will do, all comments welcome.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

1/72nd Grecian Fantasy adventurers/war band WIP

Hi guys

I have been toying with this in my mind for a while, was tossing up whether to do it in 15mm or 28mm, and finally settled on 1/72nd plastics, I imagine this group is on a quest from their far off island Hellenistic civilisation to find a lost magical item and have vowed to not return until they find it, they have been wandering the world (D&D/Warhammer type world rather than classical Greek mythology type world) for a decade or more, their traditional clothing/body armour has worn down and been replaced by local stuff, but they proudly hang onto their shields and helms.
Figs used, Dasrk allience Cimmerian set 2, and Modern Amazons set 1 bodies, Caesar Miniatures Greek Warriors heads and shields.
I still need to clean the figs up a bit, add some more green stuff detail and tart the bases up, these will be used in a cold climate setting like frostgrave, thinking of also doing a Norse warband using the same Cimmerians converted with Viking heads/shields.

Review of 1/72nd Dark Alliance Cimmerians set II

Hi guys

I am going to do a few reviews of these 1/72nd scale fantasy sets, mainly because when I was researching these to choose what I wanted, I couldn't find many good pics of the minis, so to help others who are interested here are some close ups.
The box says 33 figures in 11 poses, however there are 40 figs in 10 poses, I think they used the same box graphics as set I and forgot to change this info, I have left the flash on the figs so you can see how they come, but the plastic is firm, yet soft enough that trimming it off is easy, and converting is a dream (as you will see in my next post).
My opinion of these figs is they are great, sculpting and poses are nice and crisp, a good range of 9 melee poses and 1 mage/druid type with bear claw gloves and shoes (not sure what is in set 1, hopefully some bow and command) there is also a mounted set available, I will be using these for adventurers and warriors in 2 bands/factions, a Norse barbarian type, and a Grecian type (my next post) pics tell 1000 words so here you go.

15mm Colonial Marine power armour

Hi guys

The last unit finished in my colonial marines commission project, these are GZG NAC power armour, I painted them in similar colours as the armour and walkers, all comments welcome.