Monday, 30 January 2017

28mm French Voltigeurs and 95th Rifles

Hi guys

Some Voltigeurs (Front Rank) and Rifles (Brigade games) finished on commission (along with some others I will show in a separate post) the 2 sculpts are at opposite ends of the chunky scale, Front rank being very chunky, and Brigade games quite skinny, although both sets are nicely sculpted and worthy of praise, I lean towards the skinnier Paul Hicks Rifle sculpts, all comments welcome.


  1. Very nice looking figures.
    I like the choice of yellow for the Voltiguers` accessories:
    I agree that Front Rank are nice sculpts, but a bit on the "Gnomish" side as to proportions. You have done s great job on bith makes though!;)

  2. I like both. Front Rank tend to be easier to paint for some reason, but Paul Hicks is a master of his craft. Wargamers are very lucky people.

  3. Wonderful job Dan, I especially like the work on the blue shades on the voltigeurs...

  4. Fantastic. I'm amazed at how you get such vivid colors on the French on top of black primer.