Tuesday 31 January 2023

Detailing the Hungarian Csaba Armoured car

 Hi guys 

I’m eternally grateful to those such as Bergmann (who created and suppled for free the Csaba files on thingyverse) and Aidan https://www.thingiverse.com/krankenpz/designs who supplied some of the Pak STLs also for free, many of the designers create these vehicles to be printed and handled on the wargaming table at 1/100-15mm, so they often have thick sturdy details, especially when resized to 1/72 or bigger, sometimes the display modeller in me urges me to update the model (the old fashioned way) to a more scale appropriate thickness, without letting my inner rivet counter raise its ugly head, with that in mind, I have changed the barrel and grab rail, and hollowed the turret and punched out the commanders hatch to allow for a commander on the Hungarian Csaba Armoured car, don’t intend on doing any other changes. 

Have added some details to the Pak crews and their bases, using my precious, hard to obtain Preiser detail sprue (wish you could still buy the 1/72 Preiser military sets) 

I also had some requests for closer pics of some vehicles from my last post, to show more details, so here they are. 

Monday 30 January 2023

German MC recon commission complete

 Hi guys

This commission is done, really 2 commissions, the MC recon bikes and dismounts at the front, and the cars and figs at the back, are 2 commissions, the 3x3D printed Sig33s, Jagdpanzer I, Kfz 15 on the undecorated base and ambo are all my own, I did these 2 commissions a little differently because they were build (Ace kits) and conversion heavy I took my time over several months, so they were a slow burn, but they are done now, freeing up more time for my personal projects.