Wednesday 25 January 2023

1/72 Trippel SG6 and other equipment for my 2023 projects

 Hi guys

Have printed up some equipment that will be distributed across all my 2023 projects, some AT guns, plenty of those needed, field kitchens and wagons, some schwimmwagens and Trippel SG6s (I haven’t seen those in 1/72 before anyone know of any others?) both of those models are very nice for free thingyverse files. Also printed up some weapons and heads for conversion purposes, jerry cans and fuel drums for stowage, a mixed bag really. 

The Brit vehicles and AB41s are for a friend, the spare wheel on the AB41 was bald and had very little detail, so I punched it out and printed up a couple of extra wheels that I will mount in the spare wheel well, turned out OK, also hollowed the turret and punched the commanders hatch out so a commander can be added. 

So what’s next for the printer, I’ve been wanting a 1/72 train for terrain, so exploring that idea. 

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