Sunday 30 March 2014

Tau Mech final configuration.

Hi guys, this is pretty much the final configuration, I'm still tossing up adding a drone to the back, don't really know why, just cosmetic, let me know what you think.

WIP Tau Mech opinions wanted

Hi guys, need some opinions on my Tau mech, (its just blu tacked together at the moment) I like it so far, forgot I had some spare parts from the 2 drivers in my Tau Piranha kit that I am using to build a Tau devilfish/hammerhead, I like the small head and weapons, they go a long way to giving it a Tau feel, and I happy with the pose, what else can I do to make it more Tauish? I have guitar strings I can use for cables, but think that may make it look less Tau.

Friday 28 March 2014

Tau force so far

Hi guys,

Firstly, another call out for help with spare Tau parts, I have had zero luck so far, I need them for my Tau walker conversions, looking for fire warrior weapons, armour, sensors and a couple of heads, I don't need much, would be happy with enough to convert even 2 walkers, happy to pay or trade.

Here are some shots of what I have finished in this force so far, not all of these models are complete, I would like the finished force to have
some HQ elements (only have the 1 XV22 stealth suit so far)
2 large walkers (was going to have 4, but scaled back to 2)
6-9 Crisis Suits (want to have 6 the same as the 3 pictured, and 3 larger ones)
1 drop ship (converted from a poor 2nd hand Hammerhead I bought off Ebay, hasn't arrived yet)
6 armoured vehicles (have made the mock up of one, will make a mould and cast the rest)
4-6 x 12 man infantry sections (may use a different line of figures of further fire warriors, not enough variety in poses in the Ygs, looking at CMGs Protolene Khanate figs)
2 x 5 man stealth suit sections
a heap of drones (will use GZG flying gun drones)

Thursday 27 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau Crisis Battlesuit

Hi guys, here is the first of my Tau Crisis Battlesuits, it is a converted CMG Ayame Battlesuit, I have 3 of these to convert and plan to buy another 6, I will be making them with a range of weapons and styles of heads, this one is standing, the other 2 will be in jumping/landing poses, all C&C welcome.

Monday 24 March 2014

WIP 28mm Survivors, better detailed pics

Hi guys, I'm using a different painting technique on these guys, I have used a white undercoat then a black wash, I will now use washes and glazes to colour the figs, not sure how it will go, but I thought this stage of the process gives a good indication of the detail of the figures for others, all C&C welcome.
Zombiecide figs

Glenn - WF fig

Daryl - WF fig

Rick - WF fig

Ed - WF fig

Friday 21 March 2014

Review of 28mm plastic Apoc Survivors

Hi guys, I am building a group of Zompocalypse survivors for a friend, and he has sent me some Zombiecide and Wargames factory plastic figs, the WF figs come in male and female 30 figure multi part sets, Zombiecide is a boardgame style set with a range of single piece survivors and Zombies as well as cardboaud terrain and a rules set.
Firstly I love the concept of multi part plastic figure kits, great examples are Victrix and Perry Napoleonic plastic figures, they allow you to build a large variety of figure poses cheaply, and allow for some great conversions by swapping parts from different sets, but I am not a fan of the Wargames Factory Apocalypse survivors : The men.
It seems to me that the figures in WF set are pre determined poses, it is actually hard to get a range of poses by using different arms, each set is clearly designed for a specific body, you do however have a range of heads and weapons to use, so could get a variety of figures from a couple of packs, however, we have to look at what we are trying to achieve with this pack, Zombie games generally have hordes of Zombies, but only small groups of survivors, so the ability to make a large range of slightly different poses IMHO does not outweigh the loss of detail/heft you get in metal figure, so whilst these aren't horrible figures, when I make my own survivor group I will use some of the really nice metal figures from the likes of Hasselfree, Copplestone etc.
On the other hand the Zombiecide plastic single cast figures are brilliant, they are a hardish plastic, similar to the new Italeri 1/72 plastic figs, probably not glue able, but should hold paint well and not bend much, the detail and style of the figures is excellent, and they tick all the boxes for survivors, with extra equipment and lots of character, I was only sent 1 each of the survivors so can't comment on the Zombie figures or the rest of the game, but highly recommend the survivors.
The Zombicide figures are a little larger than the WF figs, but it wouldn't stop me using them together.
I have tried to make some Characters from Shawn of the dead and the walking dead using the WF set, they are not completed yet, the Zombiecide figs are multi coloured and the grey figs are WF, all C&C welcome.

This is a comparison shot, Zombiecide of the left WF on the right

Shaun and Ed

Shaun and Ed back

Random Survivors

Sunday 16 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau XV22 stealth suit

Hi Guys, this is my WIP 15mm Tau XV22 Stealth Suit, need to add a bit more detail, this will be the commander of the Tau force, all C&C welcome.

WIP 15mmTau Titan part 1

Hi guys
While I wait to source some Tau parts for my Titans I thought I would get the basic build together on the grey mech, I changed the legs to a dog leg config by cutting in the middle of the shin and pinning, and filled all the hollow parts with miliiput and gave all the joints dust covers, the weapon arm is sourced from one of the Khurasan L-HACs, bottom shot shows the standing pose.  

Saturday 15 March 2014

Tau spare parts needs for 15mm Tau Titan conversions

Hi guys, looking for spare Tau parts for my 15mm Tau Titan conversions, for my 15mm Tau army, making 4 titans, converted from 3 Khurasan L-HACs and the mech below, I will need fire warrior and crisis suit, head/helmets, weapons, armour parts, sensors, antennae, anything you don't have a use for, will buy or swap.
Check my 15mm Tau label for info on the army

I am Converting The large grey one, and 3 Khurasan L-HACs, the big gun goes, will change the legs to a dog leg configuration, replace the head with a crisis suit head or sensor, if I can get one, or scratch build one, will remove the arms from the elbow down a replace with suitable weapons, will add Tau armour, or scratch built armour, than detail with whatever I can get.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau part 2

Hi guys, just an update with some more conversion work, have added some heavy weapons, Tau rifles, antenna, not sure about the stealth suits, I feel they are to top heavy, some questions
1) should I add the antenna to the backs of every trooper? Or just commanders?
2) do the stealth suits pass muster?
3) is there anything else I can do to these to make them even more Tau like?
All C&C welcome.

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Saturday 8 March 2014

WIP 15mm Tau from CMG Ygs

Hi guys, haven't done much hobby stuff lately, was going to do some painting but it's been to hot over the last couple of days, so decided to do some work on my long neglected 15mm Tau army.
I was originally going to use Khurasan Felids as the basis for my Tau (see link below)
However I have returned to my original choice, CMG Ygs, these are nearly finished, I have 25 fire warriors and 5 stealth suits, the fire warriors just need better weapons and some small details added, the stealth suits need shoulder armour, helmet and some small details, I am thinking of turquoise and white with some orange details as the colour scheme. All C&C welcome.