Monday, 24 March 2014

WIP 28mm Survivors, better detailed pics

Hi guys, I'm using a different painting technique on these guys, I have used a white undercoat then a black wash, I will now use washes and glazes to colour the figs, not sure how it will go, but I thought this stage of the process gives a good indication of the detail of the figures for others, all C&C welcome.
Zombiecide figs

Glenn - WF fig

Daryl - WF fig

Rick - WF fig

Ed - WF fig


  1. Looking good, sir. Your technique should work just fine. Looking forward to the results.

  2. They are coming along very nicely Danl!

  3. I use a similar technique to you though I use a dark brown was as it's not quite as stark as the black.


  4. Look forward to seeing how these turnout. Like the WGF survivor figs as well.