Saturday 22 September 2012

WIP 18mm Bavarian Grenadier Garde conversions

Hi guys, I'm taking a short break from my WWII project to convert a couple of 18mm Napoleonic units as a birthday present for my mate Scott, of Trailapes wargaming, this first unit is the Bavarian Grenadier Gardes, they have AB Bavarian line inf bodies, and French Guard Grenadier heads, anyone know if there is anything else I need to do to get these guys accurate? Also what colour should I do their pants if they saw action (I know they didn't)? I believe they should have white for parades and cornflower blue with a red stripe in barracks.

Friday 21 September 2012

WIP 1/72nd German group nearly done.

Hi guys, almost finished these, just need to paint the tank crews and truck driver, and make the number plates, using the pain in the ass Dragon number plate decals, you get 5 sets of plates with each 251, but have to  add the numbers individually, why couldn't they have added 1 or 2 completed sets? I could do a lot more on these, but I have to draw the line in the sand somewhere, so this will have to do, what do you think?

Saturday 15 September 2012

WIP Sdkfz 251 crews

Hi guys, these are the crew and passengers for my Sdkfz 251s, there's 28 figs in all, they have just had an oil wash, so are glossy, when they are dry, I will matte coat and give them some dry brush highlights. They are mostly converted from PSC figures.