Tuesday 29 June 2021

WIP Deadwood based Stargrave crew

 Hi guys 

Have started a Deadwood based Stargrave crew, using the dead mans hand plastic and arms from the Stargrave boxes, I have Al Swearengin, Seth Bullock, Sol Star, Dan Dority, and Dec Cochran so far, I still need to do Calamity Jane, Alma Garret, Trixi, Mr Wu, and Reverend HW Smith.  

I have also added some details to my Dr Zoidberg Fatboy and Roberto Futurama characters 

Saturday 19 June 2021

WIP Sci-Fi shock troops part 3

 Hi guys

Have done the washes (pin wash with Nuln the agrax) and highlights on the armour, really like how these guys are turning out, bodies are Wargames foundry plastic Eisekern, with 3D printed weapons and heads that were rescaled to fit the bodies, the larger power armour was all 3D printed.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Camo done on Sci Fi shock troopers

 Hi guys 

Have put the the basic camo pattern down, still need to add washes, highlights and paint the details, pretty happy with this urban camo, want these guys to look like they are battle hardened, and on campaign, the skin is only the basecoat. The last pic has 1st mate Fry for scale comparison.