Saturday, 12 June 2021

32mm Eisenkern conversions WIP

 Hi guys

Been working on some 28-32mm Sci-Fi skirmish figures lately, I bought a box of Dream Forge Eisenkern Stormtroopers 10-12 years ago, but TBH I am sort of over the space Nazi theme, so they sat in the stash, with all the new Stargrave stuff being shown off, I thought I would try and do something with them, I dropped the Nazi style helmets and weapons and printed of some scaled down 40K style heads/helmets (ones that were the least Space marine looking), weapons and holsters, and some starcraft style heavy power armour, there were 4, but the upper body on one failed to print, might print another 3 of those off, pretty happy how they turned out, they have a special forces vibe happening. I still need to add some green stuff details, and clean them up a bit before undercoating. 

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