Wednesday 16 June 2021

Camo done on Sci Fi shock troopers

 Hi guys 

Have put the the basic camo pattern down, still need to add washes, highlights and paint the details, pretty happy with this urban camo, want these guys to look like they are battle hardened, and on campaign, the skin is only the basecoat. The last pic has 1st mate Fry for scale comparison. 


  1. They really llok like they are covered in a ruined city's dust. Well done!

  2. Dan,

    Love your work. I need a 1:56 (28mm) French DK5. No one makes them in that scale. Do you know of anyone that can make one from photographs?

    1. Here’s an STL for a DK5, you’d just need to scale to 1:56 and print