Monday 30 May 2016

PanzerAnzug "WWII" German Power Armour for 15mm

Hi guys

Finished these 2 15mm Power armour miniatures for a customer, just need to base them now, they are sold under the label "PanzerAnzug "WWII" German Power Armour for 15mm" on Shapeways, the one on the right is Frosted ultra detail and is now the only option available, it doesn't have that grainy look like the one on the right, and is quite detailed, the bottom pic has a comparison with a figure and a Khurasan power armour, these certainly fit the bill if you are after power armour with a certain look.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

15mm Napoleonic mixed bag

Hi guys

Finished a batch of AB 15mm Napoleonic figs, bit of a mixed bag, we have foot Dragoons from a mix of units, line horse gunners, Guard horse gunners, line foot gunners in bicorns, and guard foot gunners, all comments welcome

Wednesday 11 May 2016

18mm AB French command

Hi guys

A heap of AB French Marshals, ADCs and officers finished on commission, all comments welcome.

2 Napoleonic vignettes figures.

Hi guys

2 Napoleonic vignettes finished, the first is Perry's 28mm Secure the colour vignette, and ABs
The 69th Foot lose a colour to the 8th Cuirassiers at Quatre Bass vignette, both done for my mate Scott of Trailapes wargame  lightings a bit funny today, so pics aren't the best. 

Friday 6 May 2016

28mm WWII Germans

Hi guys

2 batches of Germans finished on commission, a mix of figures, Warlord, Victory force (without bases) and the odd Black tree design, of the 3 I like the BTD first then warlord then VF, Warlord would be the best if they got rid of the cartoony faces.