Thursday 31 August 2023

10mm Wood Elf basing test

 Hi guys

Testing out some bases I designed by CAD for my forest dragon 10mm wood elves, going for a wooded area look, I like how they have turned out, going to do a different theme for each army I do, unfortunately I thought of doing this after I had printed out and started painting a dark elf army, I guess I could start over. 

Monday 21 August 2023

Early Napoleonic French and Westphalians

 Hi guys

A couple of early French and a smattering of Westphalians completed on commission, now to package this  lot for the post. 

10mm Dwarves undercoated

 Hi guys

An undercoat on my 3D printed 10mm Dwarves, went with brown for these guys, earthy colours will be nice for Dwarves I think, they turned out pretty good for my first 10mm prints.