Sunday 27 May 2012

Daddies little soldier

Hi guys, my youngest daughter has decided she wants to follow in her daddies foot steps and join the army, so I took her to the local Army cadets, she has just been issued her first uniform, and is extremely proud, she is off to her first 2 day camp for Cadet basic training next week, I'm really proud of her, now we are going to have to tape of those straps and put wire in that boonie hat.

1st Blood Angel squad nearly finished

Hi guys, here is the 1st squad, 2nd company of the Blood angels, nearly finished, a question, my next 15mm 40K army will be Tyranids, the most iconic colour scheme for geansteelers is blue/purple but I am not to keen on that colour, what is the next most recognizable colour? will use this on the nid on the base as a tester, so what do you think? I'm pretty happy with them.

Friday 25 May 2012

2nd Nassau finished

Hi guys, here are some better pics of the 2nd Nassau, the last ones had to harsh a light, these are now finished and on they're way to their owner (Trailape) he will post some pics once they have been based.