Friday 29 January 2021

3D printed 15mm Crimean war Russian Naval guns

 Hi guys

Doing a 15mm Crimean war project for a friend, he needed some Russian Naval guns so printed these out with some gabions, they turned out pretty good for 15mm, a few little printing errors here and there, but nothing I can't fix with green stuff.

Thursday 28 January 2021

Early WWII French 1/72 vehicle test print 2

 Hi guys

Several people asked me on my last post, how much do these cost to print, well I got a 500g bottle of resin, it was $36 Australian, around $27.50 US, and this is what I printed, with enough resin left over for maybe 2 more vehicles, all 1/72, so about $1.71 per vehicle/gun, there is some extra cost in LCD and FEP replacement, it probably comes out to around $1.80-$1.90 per.

Pretty happy with how these turned out, a couple of small errors here and there, but nothing I can't fix with a bit of green stuff, in this test print we have the following

2x Berliet VUDB

2x Citroen traction 11B (re print to work out kinks)

2x Citroen legere (re print to work out kinks)

2x Citroen U23

2x Laffley S45

1x Command Panhard

1x Panhard

4x W15 Variants

1x Peugeot 301

1x 155mm Mk2

1x 75mm Frances

Sunday 24 January 2021

Early French WWII vehicle test prints 3D Printing

 Hi guys

I bought a resin 3D printer a few months back, and have been putting it to good use on my 15mm 40K projects, but I really wanted to print some historical stuff, so did some test prints for my WWII early war French, with mixed results, all files were obtained of Thingyverse, theres a fair few free WWII files available, enough to make it worthwhile, more to supplement a collection than to be the source of a whole collection,  I think all these files were scaled to 1/72nd, however I researched vehicle dimensions and made any adjustment just in case, (I don't think there was much adjusting needed) all printing errors are mine, need to adjust supports for some of the models the tanks turned out quite nice, the trucks are OK, but 1 wheel has a flat spot, and some of the cars aren't great, only happy with 1 I think, the 2 vans need re doing as well, figs are from Simons soldiers, and a Heller Somua and a pre made Char B1 for scale. I'll try and fix any errors with green stuff,  if I'm not happy with the results I'll use them as wrecks for scatter terrain, I have a fair few trucks, tanks and even guns, to test print yet, even have a couple of aircraft.

These resin printers are amazing I highly recommend getting one, mines a creality LD002R

heres  a list of the vehicles in the pics

1x Peugeot DK5 Ambulance 

1x Peugeot MNB 1939

3x AMR-35 tanks (this one was scaled down from 1/56)

2x Citroen traction 11B Berline

2x Citroen traction Berline leger

2x Renault AGR trucks

Friday 22 January 2021

WIP 15mm Blood Angel Rhinos Part 2

 Hi guys

These are not finished.

Quick update on the 15mm BA project, matched up a rhino with each squad, squad markings (need to be finished) on the right knee and right fender of the corresponding rhino, theres only 5 tactical squads here, I'll be able to field all 10, 2nd company squads (plus a lot more) when finished, have started chipping on the rhinos, will finish that, finish the squad markings, then start the weathering. 

Sunday 10 January 2021

15mm Blood Angel Rhinos WIP Part 1

 Hi guys

I will now break down my 15mm BA's into small manageable batches, the first batch will be 6 Rhinos, I've used a mix of old and new Rhino designs, to represent a force that has replaced vehicles due to attrition, I printed all these vehicles except for the the No.1 vehicle with the red cargo doors and very visible print lines, that was bought of a provider on FB before I bought my printer.

I have added decals and done a pin wash, next I will highlight the black areas, paint some details, then start weathering. 


Monday 4 January 2021

15mm Blood Angels base coat done

 Hi guys 

I have started the painting process on my 15mm Blood Angels, as its a huge army, (pictured is about half of what I need to paint) I wanted a quick but effective way to paint them, so I am using contrast paints for the red, over a black undercoat thats been drybrushed white, then highlighted red, this is only the first 3 base colours done, red, black and brown, only the red is highlighted, will go onto paint detail, finish the highlighting then weathering.