Sunday, 24 January 2021

Early French WWII vehicle test prints 3D Printing

 Hi guys

I bought a resin 3D printer a few months back, and have been putting it to good use on my 15mm 40K projects, but I really wanted to print some historical stuff, so did some test prints for my WWII early war French, with mixed results, all files were obtained of Thingyverse, theres a fair few free WWII files available, enough to make it worthwhile, more to supplement a collection than to be the source of a whole collection,  I think all these files were scaled to 1/72nd, however I researched vehicle dimensions and made any adjustment just in case, (I don't think there was much adjusting needed) all printing errors are mine, need to adjust supports for some of the models the tanks turned out quite nice, the trucks are OK, but 1 wheel has a flat spot, and some of the cars aren't great, only happy with 1 I think, the 2 vans need re doing as well, figs are from Simons soldiers, and a Heller Somua and a pre made Char B1 for scale. I'll try and fix any errors with green stuff,  if I'm not happy with the results I'll use them as wrecks for scatter terrain, I have a fair few trucks, tanks and even guns, to test print yet, even have a couple of aircraft.

These resin printers are amazing I highly recommend getting one, mines a creality LD002R

heres  a list of the vehicles in the pics

1x Peugeot DK5 Ambulance 

1x Peugeot MNB 1939

3x AMR-35 tanks (this one was scaled down from 1/56)

2x Citroen traction 11B Berline

2x Citroen traction Berline leger

2x Renault AGR trucks


  1. Congratulations on your results. I've been collecting plenty of 3d vehicles from BPM and Minigeneral with the problem of some printing lines due to the PLA used. Your work with resin looks much better.

    1. Yeah, pla has that issue, but has a larger print bed, so good for larger models or terrain.

  2. Look great i would be interested in buying some especially if you do a Unic half track