Sunday 30 July 2023

Starting a new prepainted vehicle business

 Hi guys

I have been busy designing and printing a batch of early war tanks, they are “upgrades” of the Bergmann and Windham Graves sculpts, which among others I either have obtained or in the process of obtaining production rights, I love these designers, they did a great job, however their sculpts are designed for 1/100 printing, and are sometimes missing detail, or have detail designed to be easily seen at 1/100 which is too chunky at larger scales. My plan will be to eventually offer all of their WWII designs, plus my own, as pre painted models in 1/100 (15mm) 1/72 and 28mm, in 2 qualities, table top and museum, (I was going to also do unpainted, but I’m concerned that I’ll need to stock even more inventory) the picture of painted tanks will be the table top standard, basic spray job, tracks/wheels/tools painted, the premium will have decals, crews, stowage and weathering and maybe an option base, there is a fair bit of work in each vehicle, so I’m thinking of releasing them 5-6 vehicles at a time, by period, nation and vehicle type starting with the Polish and French campaigns, tanks, then Armoured cars, soft skins, AT guns and artillery. Sourcing packaging and a website as well, this will still be a long way off, I’m averaging 1 vehicle type per week to redesign and do a test print in each scale. 

Regarding scale, I’m not keen on stocking 1/100, 1/76, 1/72, 1/56 and 1/48, what do people prefer? 1/76 or 1/72 (my preference) and 1/56 (my preference) or 1/48? Vehicles shown are 1/100, 1/72, and 1/56.

Saturday 29 July 2023

WWII Hungarian reference books

 Hi guys

Received these 2 books from Huns on Wheels Facebook page, sent from Hungary, packed full of pictures and info, lots of OOB diagrams, going to come in handy building my Hungarian forces, highly recommend these books for anyone interested in WWII Hungarians. 

Thursday 27 July 2023

Slow progress

 Hi guys

Some slow progress on this batch, I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new business idea, so haven’t had a lot of hobby time lately, but got the base coats down and a pin wash. 

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Next up on the work bench

 Hi guys 

Next up on the work bench, 3 Krupps for the Hungarians, a couple of 251s and a radio truck for the Germans and some French vehicles/guns, some of these French vehicles have been on the shelf for a long time, so will be good to get them finished. 

Monday 17 July 2023

Sdkfz 8 DB9 and If.5 MG wagon finished

 Hi guys 

Only a small updated today, calling the Sdkfz 8 DB9 88 done, it is a diecast model from PMA, bought for me as a birthday present, it has the original paint job, just re painted the tracks and some details, weathered and added crew and base, the If.5 MG cart is basically done, haven’t decided on a driver, thinking of using this Simons soldier figure.