Sunday 30 June 2013

Which colour?

Hi guys
What do you think, leave them dark green, with a couple of shades of highlights and paint details, or go the 2tone green the same as my 28mm DG?

15mm Plague marines ready for paint.

Hi guys
These plague marines are ready for paint, here are some better photos, I like how they turned out, primary colour will be rotten flesh green, and catachen green detailsthe same as my 28mm Death Guard, I will do more mutations and some head swaps with the next 10 marines, all comments welcome.

Saturday 29 June 2013

WIP 15mm Plague marines

Hi guys

An update on theWIP 15mm Death Guard, working on the first 10,  the conversion part is about 80% done, a bit hard to see all the detail in the pics, looking forward to painting these guys, are they Nurgley enough? Have added before and after conversion pics, all comments welcome.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Start of my 15mm Death Guard

Hi guys

For those not familiar with 40k, Death Korps of Krieg and Death Guard are two totally different armies.

My order of Wusuq and Star vikings from 15mm UK have arrived, they will become (along with some other figs) Death Guard plague marines, being Chaos Space Marines I want them to be a similar size as my Blood Angels, so I will need to stretch the body of most of them, then I will go to town with the GS, these figures will look very different then they do now, below are some shots of  some of the figures before and after stretching, I get a good 3-4 mm extra hight after stretching, but it's a bit time consuming, looking forward to detailing these.
The heads Of the Wusuq will make great helmet less plague marines, they will also get a lot of bulking out with GS, i also received some of their scifi beastmen, these will be used in the traitor legion ranks, stay tuned, all comments welcome.

Monday 24 June 2013

15mm Death Korps HQ squad finished.

Hi guys

Command squad finished, it's pretty dark here due to being overcast, so had to use a flash and the colours are a little washed out, pretty happy with how these guys turned out, I stuffed up the gluing of the flag and it is a little off centre, couldn't fix it, so it will have to do, have added a size comparison shot with the LRs for those who wanted one, all comments welcome.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Birth of the 103rd, and WIP trio of Lamen Russ

Hi guys

Painted the regimental flag for the 103rd kampfgruppe, named after my old unit, will start painting the command squad tomorrow hopefully, I have also been working on 3 Lamen Russ, need to pick up another turret, 1 will be a Vanquisher, 1 a punisher, and a  standard Lamen Russ battle tank.

Monday 17 June 2013

15mm Kriegs Marines of Krieg finished.

Hi guys

My first 2 Kriegs Marines squads are done, my favourites are the sergeants and the flames, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, let me know what you think.