Sunday, 9 June 2013

WIP Kriegs Marine of Krieg

Hi guys

WIP pics of my next unit, these guys will add a little variety to the army but will be treated as normal infantry, they are my own invention, the Kriegs Marine of Krieg, (a little like they USMC) their primary roles are creating planetary bridgeheads, once the bridgehead is being exploited by the regular DKoK units, they act as light infantry, in support of the regulars, they also defend Naval facilities and ships, and conduct defensive and offensive boarding actions.
As for painting, I have 2 ideas.
1) my preferred, white sailors cap with black band, navy blue pea jacket, with white bib (the square material on the back) white pants, black boots, fieldblue armour, brown webbing.
2) or, white sailors cap with black band, fieldblue pea jacket with white bib, fieldblue pants, brown webbing and boots, dark grey armour.
The figures are Blue moon WWI Germans with Peter Pig , Navy Heads.
What do you think?


  1. hmmm don't know I think option sounds good if they weren't wearing webbing and stuff over the top of the normal uniform. Plus white doesn't seem an appropriate colour to wear on the battlefield.

    I like the sound of Option 2 but can't tell you why I think I just prefer those colours.

  2. Cheers Simon, I'm going with the blue\white option.