Thursday, 27 June 2013

Start of my 15mm Death Guard

Hi guys

For those not familiar with 40k, Death Korps of Krieg and Death Guard are two totally different armies.

My order of Wusuq and Star vikings from 15mm UK have arrived, they will become (along with some other figs) Death Guard plague marines, being Chaos Space Marines I want them to be a similar size as my Blood Angels, so I will need to stretch the body of most of them, then I will go to town with the GS, these figures will look very different then they do now, below are some shots of  some of the figures before and after stretching, I get a good 3-4 mm extra hight after stretching, but it's a bit time consuming, looking forward to detailing these.
The heads Of the Wusuq will make great helmet less plague marines, they will also get a lot of bulking out with GS, i also received some of their scifi beastmen, these will be used in the traitor legion ranks, stay tuned, all comments welcome.


  1. Great!
    Death Guard is my favourite marine chapter so I´ll follow this with interest.
    May I give you some ideas? Khurasan Miniatures have a cpuple of references you may find useful:
    Government Forces -> Marines
    The Infected -> Plaguebearers (I´ll use this for my Fantasy version)


  2. Hi HW, not sure if you have seen my Khurasan post apoc power armour converted to Blood Angels, if not, look under the label 15mm space marines.